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Simple and Effective Skin Exam 

DerMouzz is a mobile app designed to help you map, measure and monitor your moles over time.

Skin Biopsy

Why Choose DerMouzz?

Step 1. Map

Map the moles on your body by photographing smaller areas of your skin called zones. No special equipment or assistance needed. Designed with privacy in mind -- pictures of your naked body parts not stored.

Step 2. Measure

Select your moles in your zone photos by tapping on them. Measure the actual size of the mole.

Step 3. Monitor Monthly

Compare your mole measurements and images over time. DerMouzz will highlight moles with most significant changes.


Take control of your skin health — from the palm of your hand


About DerMouzz

Our Story

DerMouzz is founded by a mother of two and a melanoma survivor who needs to check her skin every month.

Our Vision

Having reliable tools is super important for keeping up with your skin checks. If the tools are too complicated or unreliable, you'll probably end up slacking off and not doing them regularly.

Our Technology

The founder of DerMouzz is an engineer who leverages the latest advancements in machine learning to fight melanoma.

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